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TMSA Chess Registration FormPlease fill this form out and submit before Jan 31st. Fee $175 per student. Check is payable to TRIANGLE CHESS. Send your payment to PO Box 5291, Cary NC 27512 before Jan 18th.Student Name :Parent Contact Information :Parent(s) Name : Phone Number :Primary Email :Secondary Email :Phone Number :Grade :Gender :USCF Score :School Year :Semester :How long the student has been playing chess?Did the student attend chess club previously at TMSA?Chess classess (three classes) will be on all Wednesdays during school club hours. We reserve the right to place the kids based on the skills and performance in the tournaments and classes. Fees are not refundable after starting the club. If the coach finds students disruptive to the class, We reserve the right to deny the entry to the classes. Repeated disruptive behavior may result expulsion from the class. Chess General InformationFee is $175 per student and is subjected to change a little based on the sign-up.General Rules :1) Continuous unexcused absence for three consecutive weeks will be removed from the chess club2) Skipping coach mandated competition participation (8 in this semester) for two times in a row will be removed from the club.Chess Club Contact : Samy Subramanian - Shalini S at
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